Back in the day....


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I was looking at a GSXtra from April of 2002 and came across this ad. If only lol....

Yup , those were the prices in that time frame . A friend was selling a 9k mile X in 2003 for $28,500 . I was extremely close to buying it , figured I'd pass and pick up one a few years later . Then around 05,06 the prices dam near doubled and they never looked back !!!!
I remember those in the Gs Extra and Kirban classifieds. Low mile s and were around 30 K even some below that. The good ole days lol
I have a friend that purchased one for 30K new. Held it for a few years. Decided to bail and sold it for 30K with just 18 miles on it. He used the proceeds to purchase his first Viper.