"Bad gateway" error?


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One of the Hawaii guys, HI85WH1 (Rob) is having a problem with not being able to access this message board.

Any ideas? Thanks! :)
Can he access other sites?

If so, I think that his ISP is not set up to get to the server. He'd have to call his isp. Hook him up with our DNS's name, tell him to call his ISP and ask what's going on with that DNS.
OH Thank God!!! I thought I was the only one who is having this problem. I am getting a Bad Gateway DNS Lookup Error every time I try to get on this site with NetZero. I have NetZero on my home pc and it will not connect to this site in the past 2-3 days but any other works fine. I called them and of course got a tool that could not speak english and was telling me to do things I had already tried 5 times. I wound up saying forget it and hope some figures out what to do. I had to sign on an old aol account just to get on to this site now.

Anyone else have any ideas of how to fix this problem??
I just love it when I get someone that doesn't speak English, or its so bad I can't understand a word they are saying. That happened with our cable/Road Runner account. I called them twice and got the same guy both times. I finally resolved it myself.
Limited87 . I have been having the exact same problem for a week. Aol will work but not netzero. If anybody knows the fix please post it. Thanks
Rob (HI85WH1) uses a Juno dial up account from home.

So, it's a problem with his ISP?.... :confused:
I also cannot access the site from home. Netzero isp. Every other site works though. I just have to wait until I go to work to surf TB.com
Steve, JC, I think it has got something to do with our area. I am from NE Ohio and I see you guys are not far from me. I am about ready to drop NetZero because they want 1.99 a minute for tech support any time you have a problem. You have to call up and threaten to cancel just to talk to someone without paying. Then of course you get someone who cant speak english at all. Plus the 3G is about the slowest thing I have seen yet. I see no differance in speed between that and aol standard service. I would kill to have a high speed connection out here besides satellite. A few more days of no TB.com and Im out...lol
Same deal here, fine from work but can't get on at home. I did get a new computer recently and it seems like that's when it started so I figured it was the new comp but with so many others in the same situation I don't know what to think. My isp has been the same for years and I never had this problem until recently and all other sites are fine :confused:
Geoff, Guys,

Thank you for all your input. I see my problem is not mine only. People with NETZERO and JUNO seem to be having the same problem as I am. :rolleyes:

Now, if can figure it out, we would all be happy. :biggrin:

I can log in from work (Guess where I am now) but still cannot log in from home. I checked all my settings multiple times, but the problem still persists...
Yeah, I've been having this problem for about a week. Sometimes I can get on and sometimes not. I've changed my local access number for startup on walmart connect, and sometimes that allows me to get on. I think walmart connect is connected to compuserver and aol. It's a cheapy dialup like netzero. Have never had a problem, though, until last week.
Back up and going here guys with NetZero. Somebody, somewhere must have figured out there was a problem and fixed it. As of 3 pm est its up and going smooth again. Wow what a pain in the a$$ this has been. I worked on this comp for 3 days. TB.com was the only site it wouldnt go to...I thought my comp just didnt like it anymore...it was about to get thrown out a second story window. :D