Bad head?


Resident Smartass
Feb 18, 2005
I've been taking my time over the winter doing some clean up and bowl work on my stock heads. Today, as I was gringing away, I found a hairline crack between the intake and exhaust valves on #2 cylinder. Is this terminal or something that can be repaired? :mad:
Most of the time the Crack does not go far enough. To be sure that you are OK, just have it pressure tested. I have done many heads with and always worked OK.

Joe, there aren't many speed shops in my area. What kind of machine is required to run a pressure test?
I never thought I would see the 'inmate of the month' claim 'bad head'.

That crack sounds like an easy fixer, especially if you did not notice any degraded performance before it was pulled.

did you grind away into a crack? or found the crack on the surface while grinding/inspecting?
I found the crack while smoothing the exhaust bowl. It's right between the valves and it goes through both valve seats and into the casting. I didn't see any evidence of prior leaking but after this freshening I'm putting alky on and plan to be running upwards of 25-26 psi.
If it was me, and it was a stock head (maybe i missed that detail) I would replace it. But something like this calls for a second opinion from a professional head guy. Not sure if new seats and welding will do it.
They tend to crack between the valves also if you grind to much in the bowl area if you are not careful you can break through pretty easy , especially due to core shift, i would junk that head and get another they are pretty cheap and readliy available.