Basic rear brake job


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Game called on account of rain!!!!

For now...I've been jumping on and off of it throughout the day, stopping for the rain. It is either today....or possibly have to wait till late next month due to the move. :(

Question: should I do another 'how to' thread for this?
My tip is get a new brake hardware kit. It's cheap! I had an original spring break not long after getting the car back on the road after 15 years with only 45k original miles. Put the the long shoe in the back and pick up the brake tools at the auto parts store. It's only as difficult as you make it. It's really a pretty easy job.
If anything people need pictures on how everything goes back together. Its one thing if your doing one side then the other. When you have the whole brake system apart it can be tricky putting the parts back. X2 always a new hardware kit.