beat by a neon


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Jun 24, 2003
I have a friend who just bought a 1987 T/A and thought it was fast so my co worker raced him in his 1984 mouseturd and smoked him so to redeem him self he started to pick on me about my noen so we want out and ran them and mind you this neon is bone stock 2.0 sohc ssslloowww. so we line up and damn the luck the neon wins.So now he thinks hes going to be able to beat my 87 GN non stock in the1/4 and 1/2 mile what do you think.
there must seriously be something dorked up with his TA if its getting beat by a stock "slow" neon. (no offense)
what was the motor in the T/A? Neons are slow, but still faster than some pre 3rd gens.....check the Q-mile times some of them 3rd gens are 16 or even 17 second slugs:p
the GN was the only good thing from the 80's imo :cool:
ok some rock music still rules
i may be wrong but my 85 TA with TPI was rated 235 hp, i believe the 87 TA that he said he raced was higher than that, 1/4 mile should be in the mid 14s stock....
Just about every 3rd gen I've seen tested stock, at least after all these years, is a high 15 slug, at best. Add 15+ years to the equation, and the hefty weight of these cars, and its easy to see why he lost. The cars probably doing good to make 200 horse, and probably weighs close to 4 grand. Not good. Might as well make some money on the dude though!:D
I had an 83' Camaro Z28 when I was 16. It had the 305 powerhouse in it. It ran a best of 17.2 stock. After a cam and manifold change it ran an awesome 16.4. WOW
Come on they arent all that slow. I had an 88' Iroc with a TPI 350 and 700r4, and for just having k&n panel filters it ran pretty good. The best I got was a 14.8, not fast but repsectable. Surely able to put the hurtins to a neon (srt4 is another story though)
i remeber car craft got mid 80's TA and put n20 on it. stock it went low 16's, and with a 125 shot, low 14's. It was funny....:D