Beating a dead horse I know.....head gasket choices.

For my uses which is better value/less trouble?

  • Cometic

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  • RJC bulletproof kit

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May 29, 2001
Picked up my rebuild block last week and am now trying to make up my mind on which head gasket to go with. Although I don't plan on beating this motor into the ground or set any records...I tried to build it as bulletproof as possible so that I can occasionally turn up the boost and have fun without too much fear. My best E/T prior to this rebuild was 11.96 @113 with a PT52 at only 18psi boost. This block has Wiseco forged pistons (stock bore), stock polished crank, stock rods, ported/polished stock heads with bigger valves, RJC girdle, Comp Cams billet roller cam conversion, roller timing set, Harland Sharpe 1.65 roller rockers, and the whole package is bluprinted/balanced. My plan was to use the RJC head gasket kit but after talking with another Buick guy he suggested I use Cometics. Could anyone give me some serious pros/cons to either that might help sway me? I've been offered the RJC kit for $120 to my door which is very tempting.
The factory Gm,Victor,or Felpro 944PT. They're all the same and work very well. You can get the Felpro at Advance or Auto Zone.
I had cosmetics on my last go at it and with a completely fresh engine I'm leaning towards trying the rjc's...I haven't heard anything bad about them as long as you install them as instructed. The Cometics are talked about everywhere and debates of dry vs copper sprayed....and tablets or siliconing the water ports and so-on....seems like too many variations and what's the right way with the Cometics....this topic has been beaten to death...but new info is always welcomed being how expensive it is to have to get this deep in...
The down side to cometics is if they are installed properly, they will not let go. The upside to cometics is if they are installed properly, they will not let go.
Knock+ Cometic= Potential damage to motor
Knock+Felpro= Pushed gasket
your results may vary.
Yeah I've watched this debate for years and years....just thought I'd throw it out there. MANY years ago...back when my car was still a hotair I can recall at least 3 blown FelPro head gaskets. The final nail in the coffin for that motor...was SPECIFICALLY the GM Steel shim Head gasket (forgot to turn the boost back down from a day at the track with racing fuel...detonation literally burned a hole in 1 piston). The head gasket DID NOT blow out. Just got off the phone with a trusted Buick tuner and I think I'm going to go with standard FelPro gaskets and just tune it well. Head gaskets are a LOT easier to change out than pistons, blocks, and heads. It ran 11's before....with this build it should EASILY run those or better if I don't detonate it.
Rjc gaskets on my car for 7 yrs never blew a head gasket . Running champion Iron heads been as high as 31 lbs no problem still going strong and I don't baby my car I ll run it . That's what they were built for .my buddy tubotwister on the board runs the cosmetics . Loves em works great too
When I ventilated the factory gaskets with an accidental 35+psi of boost I decided to use the RJC pieces with head studs and extra washers on the two end studs. I liked the idea of the adhesive on the gaskets but this means you must retorque them. I retorqued mine twice and the first time each nut took another 1/4 to 1/2 turn but the second time a few nuts took a little more rotation.

They've held to 31psi so far so I'm pleased with them.