Belt Squeel?


Hey everyone,

Ever since I got my a/c fixed (new compressor) my belt started to make funny noises. At first it would make a very slight squeel/chirp whenever I would let off of the gas, and now whenever I have the a/c on the belt will squeel very loud. I don't seem to have any squeeling when the ac is of (except very rarely on start-up). Anyone know what this could be? Could my alternator and or compressor possibly be misaligned? Perhaps it was installed crooked when I got the new ac compressor. Thanks in advance!
Check your tensioner pully to see if it still has good tension on it. Sometimes they corrode in place or the spring could of broke inside and it might not be putting enough tension on the belt.
Tarey D.
The original tensioner is old and prone to fail. Gates and other MFRs make replacements for them now, which you should be able to special order at your local Parts store, since it's probably not an "in stock" item.
Thanks guys, i'll check first thing in the morning. How much tension is it supposed to have (ive never checked before)?
I would check the bolts on the AC compressor that hold it to the mounting bracket. Had a similiar problem and discovered the bolts were loose causing the compressor to flex out of position.
had very same problem , i found that i didnt put the lowest bolt back in when i was rebuilding motor ,after about a week i started to pull the ac off and found what i had done, if its not one thing its a another. good luck.
Okay, I found out what the problem is, but I don't know how to fix it. There is a small plate infront of the compressor pulley, and whenever I rev and let off, the plate stops for a split second and it starts to squeel. What is this piece and how can I get it to spin freely without stopping? Thanks!
Sounds like you're talking about the compressor clutch.
If that's what it is, then you'll need to replace it, if you can even find it sold separately now. You may end up having to just take the compressor back and exchange it under warranty. I assume you bought a remanufactured compressor? It is not uncommon for a reman to have problems. You save money with 'em, but, sometimes you end up putting two or three on the car before you get a good one. I typically purchase remans myself, but, I have had the same problem before too.
Anyway, per your description, that's my best advice...