Best place for Race Gas in Phoenix??


Money pit
Jun 7, 2001
Hi folks!

What's the best place for me to get some 116 in the valley? I'm in Chandler, so I'm looking for something that's not half way to Vegas. I'm finally going to take the GN out to Firebird on the 21st.
nick but that is 1/4 to vegas.

i will send you the link to all the places i the valley a friend of mine put it together. when i get home i will email it or post it here.

I'm sure one of the AZ guys will chime in soon but just to pass some info..... There is a Mobil station west of I10 on Chandler blvd that sells 101 octane unleaded at the pump (3.99 a gallon). It is about a mile past I10 crossover and is on the north side of the street. They also sell 5 gallon cans inside of 116 but it is crazy expensive.

They also sell all kinds of fuel at turbo RX on Chandler blvd just west of Kyrene (expensive).
I'll go to the west valley if the prices are much better. I just need 10 gallons of the good stuff. ;)
I sorta doubt you need 116 (its $8 per gallon) Sunoco blue (motor octane 112) should hold you just fine

Nick has 'em both and I'm sure Scott knows where to get the stuff on the east side