best reasonable offer for a stage 2 motor


Mar 9, 2006
For sale is my "on-center" Stage 2 motor (bought apart in 06 from Ken Smith/ INTHEEIGHTS) from this board, 4.1, casting 000153, stage 2 heads, Manley Pro SS valves, Carillo rods, maybe an Eagle crank or better, etc... to be completed by Dan Smith of Camden, NJ (609-841-1552) in a week or so. Please no lowballing just make me a reasonable offer, if i don't reply means i'm not interested. There's also an 87 GN roller available for this motor that has a Ford 9", Mosers,33 spline, TH 400 with brake & lock,76 GTQ,96 lbs inj., FAST seq. computer, Nascar type intake (needs to be modified), CAS V4 fmic, ATR headers, SS downpipe,alum driveshaft, new gas tank with 2 intank pumps,bigger on & return braided fuel lines,some HR susp. with Wolf anti roll bar, notched frame, removable cage, all steel body (GNX look alike), full interior with sports seats,A/C,power antenna,sentinel,new headliner, and minimal surface rust. This car had gone in the high 9s in the past but broke a crank on an "off center "stage 2 motor so it will need some mods to adapt to this on center set up just in case you decide to purchase everything. Make me your best offer for everything, just the motor, or just the roller. Thanks.
if i wasnt trying to finish my pontiac i would be all over this car.I have seen this car and it is in great shape, alot of money is in the roller itself. Carmelo u should just finish it and enjoy it.

thanks Dave i have 3 other toys to support so i have to cut down somewhat. Yes this is the car we drove around when you came down to check it out but you ended up with my Duttweiller 87 GN Stage 2 Twin Turbo. How's that baby now? That was a buy of the century in my opinion.:(
thanks to all PM inquiries some of it i still have to reply (and i will ). One fellow went to check the car last Sunday and currently negotiating a price, he wants it all.