Best starter.


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Mar 21, 2014
So I'm looking for a starter. Don't really want OEM. {big/heavy/dated} Been looking into Powermaster but they seem to be a reduction starter. I would'nt mind a smaller/lighter yet "faster spinning" unit. Looking for the best starter available. So what am I looking for?
Thanks in advance.
I'm also curious about this. Mine sounds pretty rough, might go ahead and swap it before anything bad happens. Seems like I've read that lt1/ lt4 (93-97 camaro and 92-96? Corvette) starters will work... I'm sure someone will chime in to confirm. That may be a modern alternative.
I think the one GN1 sells is like an LT1 starter, and it comes with the longer bolts that you need for the swap. Otherwise direct bolt on, no mods
I forgot where I got mine but it is a mini starter . I remember I bought it for like $40 new online and haven't had a issue with it and it weighs a lot less then the OEM one . I'll see if I can find out the info for you
I confess theres nothing wrong with my current starter. I just hoped there would be a lighter faster spinning model like on the modern cars today.
The mini starter/LT1 and LT4 starters spin faster, take up less space, and are absolutely lighter than the OE boat anchors. Nothing was wrong with mine, but I replaced it anyways.
When I get home I'll send you link to the one I have in my car. 2 years and no problems.

My buddy has the same one on his 12 to 1 327SBC. turns it over even when hot, no prob.

I think they were $67.