Best starter.

I confess theres nothing wrong with my current starter. I just hoped there would be a lighter faster spinning model like on the modern cars today.

These starters are definatly stronger than the original, but when you do a compression test you realize that the gear reduction causes the engine to spin slower and it takes longer to get the maximum compression reading. That's the only down side that I have seen.
Keeping the thread going, I ordered the dbelectrical mini starter last Friday and it arrived on Monday. Installed it on Wednesday. $49 free shipping/ no tax but the biggest benefit was the light weight. Not just weight reduction for the car but lifting and holding it with your left hand while starting the bolts with your right hand ( or vice versa) and the extra space to get the starter in place. Even the bolts were included. Now if I can get some longevity out of it, only time will tell. I consider it a great purchase.
x100 with the DB electric starter. I have this on my car as well. And because they are so reasonably priced, I bought a couple spares just in case.
I purchased a db electric starter and it worked for a couple weeks then I started it one day and the starter stayed engaged and the only way I could get it to quit cranking is to disconnect the battery. I returned it and got my money back then bought a delco Lt4 starter from Rockauto. Been working fine since.
Had three bad ones out of maybe 10.... crap shoot now.

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I've had a mini starter for 20 years and 150,000 miles. I don't remember what brand it is but I got it from ATR, Poston or one of the other vendors that sent out catalogues back in the day.

This one has served me well
The mini starter/LT1 and LT4 starters spin faster, take up less space, and are absolutely lighter than the OE boat anchors. Nothing was wrong with mine, but I replaced it anyways.
I agree that the lightweight starters are really a good idea for our cars and I put a lot of them on customers cars. The light weight is a reason alone but you might be surprised to find that it probably doesn't spin the motor nearly as fast as the original heavy starter did. Several years ago I purchased several brands (7 to be exact) of the lightweight starters to determine which was best for the money. I tested for current draw, and RPM on the same engine both hot and cold. The while the armatures in the lightweight starters do spin faster they are geared through a planetary gear that slows them down to a much slower cranking speed than the direct drive old timey heavy starters. No big deal since modern fuel injected engines don't really need to spin as fast as older carb engines did to start reliably. In my opinion the planetarys are the weak point in these newer designs and the units that have metal gears are the best and most reliable in the long run.
These cars get a bit un-cranky at below 0 temps. ;)

I like the original factory starters, solenoids are usually the weak link, haven't worn out brushes yet in the 350,000 miles on my two daily drivers.

Bosch replacements work good. Rebuilds/Mexico/Chinese have soft copper main wire lugs that can strip but the factory harder copper/brass lug can be fit inside a newer solenoid.

Doubt I could heft one on my back in the driveway in winter anymore though... :(

Kirban sells the lightweight ones with the metal gears, may try that some year... :cool:
Doubt I could heft one on my back in the driveway in winter anymore though... :( [/QUOTE]

Hell, I can hardly deal with a stock starter with the car on the lift, coming out is possible, but not the install? :(

It has to be a mini-starter, or put out a call for a young muscle!