Best time with stock turbo


Sep 25, 2003
I know that this HAS to be something that's been discussed before, but I can't find anything on it so sorry. What are the best times/HPs pulled out of stock turbos? What can one be expected to accomplish at, say, 20 psi on the stocker? TIA
The archives in the Drag Racing forum should help out. We talk about the stock turbo cars in there..

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The $1500 recipe car on runs 11.90s with the stock turbo.I hope to take my 87 there with alky:cool:
I ran 12.20 @ 112 mph with the stock turbo, injectors, intercooler...had the boost at 23 psi (the MAX you can possibly run on the stocker without a major heatup of the intake charge) how do i know this? i tried 25 psi one time (when i was first starting out with TRs) and redlined the knock meter in a heartbeat (for some reason it didn't blow a headgasket)
Man, it's been a while since I looked at that gnttype 11 second recipe, I've been trying to get all the bugs out of my new (7 months now!:mad: ) GN and then I'm putting the alky to it. I didn't realize that I've already got pretty much everything called for....and then some! I'm probably gonna giggle like a girl for about a week if, in late April (Projected completion time) I manage to scrape the upper 11s. I've been a fanatic for these cars for 12 years and I'm still impressed by them all the time!....Hey you guys, TRs f***in' ROCK!! :D
Originally posted by strikeeagle
Vetter ran 11.42 with a stock turbo at 18 PSI!

I'll bet money it wasn't a "stock" stock turbo. Probably had an .82 Turbine housing and other mods.

Every time I hear about Vetter's 11.42 run, the description of the car gets stocker and stocker :rolleyes: