Best "Top 3" modifications HOT AIR

Jerryl, i totally love the idea of cutting the heat shield for the tube!!! that is some serious thinking OUTSIDE the box!!! I have a couple of those to experiment with... how did you cut it though? plasma? i have the oxy/acetylene set-up at work, but not a really good cutting tip... Im totally going to do it though...


I cut mine with a pneumatic cutting wheel & grinding stone...
Jerry... did you forget all that work you did for me Eons ago???:wink:

Bored TB-O-RINGED!!!.... Bored/tapered compressor housing.... Looks awesome!!!

Hopefully they work well!


Jerryl- you don't happen to remember the measurements do you!? ;)
I'm interested in the turbo heat shield mod. I'm going to b ereplace my oil drain tube this weekend, but I don't see where cutting a hole would help. It's possible that my car is missing this shield. Does anyone have any pics that they can share so that I know what I am looking for. Also does anyone have any tips or pointers on installing the drain line, it looks like a pain to get to. Thanks.
DWB47- The turbo heat shield covers the injectors on the right (passenger side) and also supports the turbo from below- if yours is missing your turbo will be bouncing around... my hose support bracket was also moved forward about 3/4" to make the hole a little bigger, here's a couple of pics

Turbo heat shield 001.jpg

Turbo heat shield 003.jpg
Jerryl or racemybuick-- how big is the o-ring on the throttle body?
and how big is the larger diameter on the turbo housing?
O SO LO, my turbo is mounted solid so I don't think it is missing, I'll take a good look when I get home. Thanks for posting the pics.
Jerryl or racemybuick-- how big is the o-ring on the throttle body?
and how big is the larger diameter on the turbo housing?
Sorry for the late reply.
The TB (If I remember correctly :eek: ) is bored to 58mm so it matches the 60trim wheel of the TA33.
The larger OD of the housing is the same as the TB.
The size of the larger diameter allows the housing to be used for the TA33 upgrade.

I really don't remember the O-ring dims.
Next time i find mine between my junk, I will get the specs if you are interested.
I broke my dial caliper a while back (dropped it :mad: )... If I get a new one really, really soon, i can measure my o ring and such!

I made this to help stop oil leaking from oil return tube, easy to make


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I had another Idea I was going to try that was on the crossover but never did. I was going to get some sholder bolts and some short strong springs to keep the crossover tight all the time.. kind of like what was used on the stock elbow to hold the down pipe on turbo, but much shorter

just an idea, not sure how it would work out
I think the best 3 mods, cost and gain, are ALKY, Turbo, Exhaust....

Get the motor to breath, get some fuel in it, and crank up that boost on alky!!!

Complimentary mods (mandatory actually), larger injectors 36# min, chip, intake/filter, catback system, and PORTING works miracles on these cars!!!

I used a pcv and then caped the top of it.

Thanks. I wonder if the correct size freeze plug would work. I'm having a hard time finding the correct grommet locally. After reading that you plugged yours I figured this could solve my problem
Never really felt too comfortable with the FPR and MAP/Alky on the same port.
If there was a leak somewhere, you have the "double whammy" lean condition, since both the FPR and MAP would suffer from a poor pressure signal.:eek:

I was never too excited about the 90deg bend in the "T" of the OEM set-up either. :rolleyes:


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jerryl, i have my FPR and Alky on 2 different ports as well. i use the port in the front of the intake for the FPR and the port in the back for the alky