Best "Top 3" modifications HOT AIR

Hey- Thanks Jerryl!!!

Did you locate the O-ring?
Just put the car back together :rolleyes: and I have to admit: this was STILL one of my favorite mods!
Guaranteed no leaks at the TB! :cool:
3 best performance mods to me are ecu, TT chip for e85 with injectors, and a huge downpipe! Now I will admit that a free flowing intake, meth, and an adjustable wastegate rod is also good.
big down pipe... check...

port and polish intake... check...

heads worked ovr like crazy.... check....

just need the big money items now!!!!

alky kit, tt chip, lt1 maf and translator, and a nice suspension set-up after the paint job... i guess i got my work cut out for me!!!!!!



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Just had my motor rebuilt, bored 40 over, pretty much everything brand new all around it, starter, alternator, water pump, etc. Etc. Mods I'm definitely doing in the next week or so,

1- upgrade the ECM
2- alky kit (def feel this is a must have) and i can't wait to see and feel the difference
3- tt chip and bigger injectors (already upgraded the fuel lines, pump and all that to handle it)

Future mods when I can find the cabbage will definitely be a bigger turbo, dual fan and radiator upgrade, and exhaust sh!t, manifold, down pipe, crossover etc. Definitely interested in porting and polishing the intake as well. Will post back as I go along for those of us who are still following. Great thread btw, for someone who is new to the game this came in handy when it came time for serious decision making and allocating of upgrade funds. Thanx guys!

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^ congrats, so you want a 87 ecm.

Alky kit is awsome. If i get another hotair i would like to try pre turbo alky.

What injectors are you thinking?
. . . . Alky kit is awsome. If i get another hotair i would like to try pre turbo alky. . . . .
I am workin on this . . . . . . . just tooooooo damn hot here! :rolleyes:
Got a few other things I am testing as well. Getting close to 14.X seconds! :eek:
on 10 psi of boost ;)
Impossible! It's a HA! :eek: :p ;) :D

Ok, before someone gets any bad ideas . . . . These are sarcastic remarks between Boost231 and myself . . . .
You can in fact make a HA pretty quick “IF” you do your homework and stick with it.
You do need to pick a realistic goal based on your budget.
Some GREAT advice in this thread.

To build a quick HA, you will need patience, knowledge, and confidence that it can be done . . . . . . all before/above $$$.