Better Alternator Feed Wire Guide/Holder


Mar 25, 2010
The plastic guide/holder for the alternator feed wire could use a make-over. This plastic thing is sandwiched between intercooler bracket bolts and could/should be made of metal. The cover portion is not as important but if the "new" one was made with proper slots, the cover could snap into that as well.
After owning 5 of these cars and watching them deteriorate over time, it's time.
We could redesign it but is seems if it were made of steel or aluminum its ok the way it is---other ideas?
I hope I'm not the only one interested in a better part for the poor alternator wire.

I don't know if I'd want one made of metal (or carbon fiber). If it ever got impacted or vibrated its way into the charge lead bad bad things would happen.

That's an unfused lead that will short out the alternator, kill the car and could make the battery explode or catch fire. That would be a bad day