*BEWARE* M233Roller (Mike or Michael Dopkins) is a Scammer *BEWARE*

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Thank You , everyone , on the Friends & Family grift thing.....I never knew ? No Mas, here.
I've been in and around the Buick Community since I bought my first Turbo Buick in 1985............to say I've been around a while is an understatement. I've bought parts from and sold parts to Mike. I've NEVER EVER had a bad experience with him.

I just thought my experience might give you some perspective on the dispute we see here. There is always more to the story!
Like I said before to the people that have had good experiences with Mike I’m glad unfortunately I now know per my in box there’s more people with bad experiences than me and Mike has taken more money over the years without any recourse.

If he is willing to pay his debts I have list of debts he owes.
Mike knows he shorted me a part and sent a junk AC box other than cursing or ghosting he has no defense so what's he really going to say?

With the half dozen other guys now I'll give it next week then I'll ask the post master what constitutes as mail fraud.
I bought 3 NOS A/C vents from Mike many years ago, 1 was mint as it should have been but the 2 others had all the chrome peeling off. He did offer to replace them with some he had "restored" after I called him out. He knew they were screwed up when he sent them. That was the last thing I purchased from him even though I have been tempted since then by stuff he had listed.
Yea, Im about to reach that conclusion now.

No reply is a reply, Mike. You had your chance.
Mike has been banned. He can work it out with Shane if he wants to be unbanned.
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