BEWARE of gnloyalty877!!!!!!!


Sep 3, 2008
Paid this guy for a Hot Wire kit emailed him on Oct 28th to see if he had rec'd my m/o said he had and shipped it that day since then he has been on the site a couple times last being Nov 16th I had attempted to contact him several times in between by PM and regular email no response at all so it's only $40 hope he has a WONDERFUL Xmas so any way I feel I gave him plenty of time to rectify this problem and have heard nothing so if you are planning to purchase anything from him WATCH OUT thanks for your time Dave
Next, U'll get at least 1 really "believeable" excuse....
1. My g/f has the clap, and I spent all the $$ on meds. No $ for postage.
2. My second cousins aunts brother in laws canary died, and we had to fly to Honolulu for the funeral...
3. Someone broke into my shop and stole the hotwire kit...
4. The dog ate the plugs off of it.