big diff

I swapped out the OEM upper rad know the one that is sandwiched between the maf pipe and the up pipe keeping them nice and toasty?

Well anyway done the re-rout on that (custom fab'd hose cause right now i cant do the $125 cool one so i spent 20 bucks insted and its routed same way.

Got my ram air going, although I had K&N inside an applied tec housing but the hole sat behind headlight...not quite ram so I finished up the custom fab thru the air dam with older one from and 84 style,(free)

Mounted it in then cut my hole then wrapped and riveted piece of sheetmetal under, around dam and in the duct, holds it all together tight. not one peice design like in cat but hell beats buying the kit for 200 quid and it looks tough

huge difference...and not like when i change my oil and say hmmm car runs

Took car on e-way and no retard and everything looked good on screen

Anyway car running good except i need new injectors and fast before the snow flys

a little labor goes a long way...saves money too
my 14yr old managed to break my digital again takin pics of her friends so IM without as of now but i do need to get pic of the TT on here.

Also added the RJC plate last night after work and took it ut for a spin:cool: