BIG PARTS LIST, 4 more parts cars+ a Turbo Riv

Do you have the following?

1 - Hard Vacuum Lines from the vacuum block. These are the rear 2 lines on the throttle body

1 - Complete set of bolts (hardware) to mount he power steering pump

1 - Compelte set of bolts for the a/c bracket to mount to the bracket that mounts to the motor.

1 - Pigtail for a stock alternator

Pm'd you.
How much to ship the power steering reservoir to 33027? As long as it doesn't leak I'll take it. Thanks.
Oh, yeah almost forgot to ask, is it the 86 style that whines or the larger 87 style that has the trap door with no whining? Thanks
Send the pics to Let me know the price. There are no cracks, chips, or anything like that, right? No paint issues?

This is for the 87 grill as well, just so you know what im talking about.
Buick Parts

Need the following parts

86/87 Coil Brackets
86/87 Main Accessory Brkt.

Send price shipped to Zip Code 32127 Paypal address also.
looking for front headlight turn signal marker light things, ive got a cracked one on my headlight, looking for 2 good ones if you got them, as well as the blackout trim that goes along the back of the hood, and also looking for good condition front and back bumpers

lemme know