BIG PARTS LIST, Biggest parts list Ever + 2 more parts cars a 84 Regal and 87 442

Hows it going, just letting you know im still interested on the crome parts and wheels. i havent received any pics yet. let me know if they are still available, and if they are, please send me some pics with the prices also. thanks.
Do you have a 86/87 power steering reservoir? If so, let me know price shipped to 61540. I don't need any of the lines, if that helps. Thanks!
Wow, nevermind, I can get a NOS one for that. Thanks anyway!

The way I got the price was $11 for shipping, $2-$3 for Paypal, Thats $67 for the Reservoir and cap. I did a google search(part # 25531140) and couldnt find even one for sale anywhere and the last one I saw NOS was $120 for just the reservoir, no cap and shipping was $12. Sorry I thought I was being fare.

Where did you see it availble NOS recently? If NOS is available as cheap as $80 I will drop my price lower.
I was just doing some checking before I bought one here on the board. I've had two NOS ones offered to me by members here, 100 shipped and 80 shipped. Gbodyparts sells them for 45 used, I will just grab one there.