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OK Every1 is on a panic about E-85 eating up things whichs it does do!!! BUT I dont get why the panic over Anodizing there aluminum rails?? just me personal I have aluminum fuel rail,Heads,Pistons,Manifold etc. so what does E-85 do to that???:confused: My FlexFuel Silverado has all the same Things Aluminum with raw finish and no problems or panic with that so im confused guys and gals..THX!!
I believe the fuel rails on the new Silverado are steel if not there anodized unless GM just thought that the average person would be running gas more than e-85. It only eats the hose and aluminum parts that have constant contact with the fuel the Heads, Pistons, Manifold etc do not sit in the fuel all the time so there not having the deterioration problems parts like fuel lines and rails are having.
REad the "Stickies". Ethanol and methanol are two entirely different chemicals when you are comparing corrosivity! However, all current fuels are tough on old rubber hoses. Replace the old rubber with new rubber and install a new fuel filter.
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Are there any examples here of damaged rubber hoses on buicks?

I just ran E85 all summer with stock fuel lines and original 1987 fuel hoses. I plan to drop the tank and inspect things before next season, but haven't done so just yet.
As I recall, a few posters have found a black gunk in fuel system downstream of the fuel filter (Injectors??) that was attributed to older rubber hose break-down.
Plus a recent article in Car Craft, Hot Rod or Popular Hot Rodding discusses the new fuels (including E85) and their attacking older rubber hoses that were not designed for additives in current fuels and E85.