Bigger turbo and intercooler on hot-air car


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Jul 11, 2012
I just recently had my turbo fail on my hot air car and am looking to intercool it and buy a larger turbo and was looking for help on where to start and everything i would need and some opinions on how to set it up/what parts to buy. The motor is .030 over, factory crank cut .010 on all journals, forged tdr pistons, factory rods shot peened, maged and beams polished, rjc crank girdle, all arp studs and hardware, double roller timing chain, gn110t cam, high pressure oil pump, factory lifters, new rocker shaft assemblies, heads are ported, polished, and gasket matched, larger valves with 3 angle cut in seats, hi performance valve springs, bored throttle body, poston hi volume fuel pump with v boost wiring upgrade and 42.5 lb/hr fuel injectors.
Some one on here should have a list of necessary items. If you had a doner vehicle, it would be easier. The cost might be a little pricey, but all items you could probably purchase in the wtb and parts for sale sections.
86/87 Intake or champion unit, stock exh. headers, d/p, stock or mod'd intercooler w/mt'g brackets or front mt., engine harness w/sensors, and computer or eng. management. Not sure about the serpintine belt system. Is that on the 85/
what sensors would i need, its already converted to a 86/87 ecm and ignition/coil pack, i figured i needed exhaust and intake but what do i do about mounting it and about oil lines
I'm not that familiar w/the 85, everything will swap over as most 85's used the same heads as the 86/87. You can use the braided oil lines, which would make it easier to install. however you should be able to purchse used. Might want to check w/ the guys going lsx. They should be getting rid of their parts to fund their changes.