billet mains...


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Ok, where do I look for main caps at? I thought rjc had 'em, but now I can't find them.
All I found on here, is ads for parts being sold in the sales section.
Look around in the part for sale section. Someone has a couple sets for sale. You only need the three centers or three centers nand the front. Nobody uses the rear. ;)

109 blocks only have 2 center caps 1 front and 1 rear... unless it is a mutant 6 cylinder... I understood what you were trying to say the 2 center caps and the front.... :D
Marianne will order them in. They dont stock them BUT they will get them for you.
PS: Now you see why I said I want to see your engine with 3 centre caps! ;)
Just a little joke as I knew what you meant but couldnt stop myself!! Sorry!