Billet Racing Stroker Crank, Stock Crank, Stock 109 Turbo Block

Oct 5, 2012
(1) Kryptonite Billet Racing Stroker Crank SOLD
3.625 Stroke
Wide Journal
Standard Grind
Internally Balanced
Recently Polished
Fits 109 and Stage Block
Manufactured by LA Enterprise
(2) Stock Turbo Crank Std/Std (Used)
Price is $300 + shipping
(3) Stock 86/87 Turbo 109 Block Standard Bore SOLD
Parts are located in Cape Coral, Florida
Shipping is available
Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees
. Biller Crank 1.JPG Biller Crank 2.JPG
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What are the journal diameters and what was the bob weight and % used if you know on that billet crank

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