billet roller 210/210; short travel or stands johnson lifters?

What was your best 1/4 to date?
Never been, this is my first build that is serious. Only done 16psi on street tires before with a mostly stock motor, when I use to play on the street from 1987 to 2000. Then car sat for 2000-2022, now I'm rebuilding it.

This is one reason I ask many questions here. Dont have any experience with real power or speed. Plus I love the board, I still believe the upsides far out weigh any downsides.
With a twin nozzle setup you can run all the boost if your tuner wishes.
180/200 on the seat and 460/500 open.
Those comp turbos are incredible
I do have a brand new alky twin nozzle, m10's to install.

What springs would accomplish 180/200 seat and 460/500?

Thank you for everyone's input!!