Bishir Crash Video

That's my local 1/8 mile track. Sorry about Bishir's car. I guess that's the risk of racing but an apology was definitely in order!
Brady, I just realized who you are. I met you at Cruisin' the Coast a couple years ago. David Driver's one of my oldest friends. He introduced us when y'all were parked under the Sear's awning by O'Charlies. Saw your car at Hot Rod Power Tour in N.O. but you weren't around.

Who's the tool in the Nova? Local guy, I'm assuming.
Wow, that guy with the Nova is REALLY an A$$hole to not even offer an apology!!!!:mad:

Hopefully Bishir is able to fix his car:(
One of the reasons for an 1/8th mile track is the fact that the lower trap speeds help minimize accidents and keep insurance down for the tracks.

Seems like some morons need maybe to only be allowed at 1/16 or 1/32 tracks...... :rolleyes:

Sorry about the car man....
wow james sorry about ur car.....i really hope that u can get it back to getter thats a really nice car you have
That really sucks, is the car totalled? Looks like it can be repaired.

Is it me or does that track look real narrow? Too bad you couldn't have swerved into his lane to miss him.
Wow that does look narrow. Not sure a lot more width would have helped, though. That Nova couldn't have been more in the way - it almost looked deliberate.

Sue the Nova guy.

I am speechless

HI people

I don't know what to say, except I am truly sorry. What was this moron thinking? Did this guy say anything about this?

If it were me, I'd be doing a 25-life stretch at Sing-Sing for murder after ripping his head off.

Was/is that a PM equipped car?
That was just the stupidest thing I ever saw.I would get a lawyer and go after this idiot.Looked to me like he just got in your lane to hit the return road or something.That car was definitely not fast enough to have lost control.
The rumor is that he slipped it into reverse and it is column shifted. Just what I read in the other thread.
Thanks for posting the video Brady. I didn't see this thread so I posted it again by accident.

I still can't understand why he went into my lane. :confused:
Because he's a freaking idiot:rolleyes: I know you were shook up, but I applaud you for not beating this butt pirates brains into the ground. There would be a bounty out on my ass.:mad:
That kills me to watch it, What did the dude in the nova say to you? Do you have his number or anything? I'd see what a lawyer would say about something like this also, thats the worse thing for me to watch. God if I was there and saw it happened I woulda kicked his A$$ for you. Thats complete BS!:mad:
So my question is... if he has insurance on that pos does it cover him while he is drag racing? How will this turn out?
You owe him an apology.. Right after you knock his teeth down his throat.....

Exactly right Chuck! I would have spent the night in jail most likely with the Nova guy spending the night in the hospital in intensive care!!:mad: Sorry Bishir. Definitely see what your insurance could do for you and definitely at least consult a lawyer. Good luck.