Black Plastic Gauge Cluster Housings, under dash enclosure panels, +more


Jul 4, 2004
These are the bare large black plastic housings the speedometer/dash switches/gauge bezel all mount into that you typically cut up and modify if you are using gnx style, digital, or other custom gauges.

All removed from various 84-87 cars.

Trying to clean up the workshop, I have 6 available. Don't know what they go for, so how about $40 each plus actual shipping.

Also have some piles of the large black plastic panels that box in the underside of the dash.

Passenger sides $15 each plus shipping (have 10)

Driver sides $35 each plus shipping (have 6)

Have pairs of woodgrain instrument cluster bezels and radio bezels to use for carbon fiber wrapping while saving your originals. $55 a pair (one of each), have 3 sets available, plus shipping

A-pillar moldings, hardtop, have dark blue and grey (86-87 color) for $65 a pair, plus shipping

3 speed auto floor shifter, came from n/a regal, $50 plus shipping

Various front fenders, pickup in North Georgia only (no shipping), $75 each
Four gauge housings left. See picture below as many asked:

More pms replied to.

Have 3 gauge housings left; four driver side under dash enclosure panels left.
I will take a gauge housing, what you show in the picture. I'll pay the $40 you ask plus $10 shipping. PM me how you want payment. Thanks.
Found 2 more cluster housings, see pic and claim by asking for left or right:

Have 6 more passenger side under dash enclosure panels left:

Found 2 more driver side under dash enclosure panels that have defects, and a 3rd which is good to go/full price. For the one missing a door call it $10. For the one with a couple small alarm holes drilled but good door/snap pin call it $20.
How much for that wheel in the last picture? Lug nuts included?:p

Bruce '87 Grand National
PM replied, 86-87 style cluster bezels?? Would be interested in one of those too if you could grab a picture
I'll ask hertz and get back to ya! :p (Thats on my rental right now from the mustang getting hit by a stop-sign-runner)
I'll ask hertz and get back to ya! :p (Thats on my rental right now from the mustang getting hit by a stop-sign-runner)

Ok. Sorry about your accident....happens to all of us.....and don't worry, I found a wheel! Thanks anyway!:D

Bruce '87 Grand National