Black turbo T in downtown Kansas City tonight.....


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Well I am in Kansas City working a farm show this weekend and we are eating at Manny's Mexican Rest.

I am sucking down my (well it doesn't really matter how many LOL) carona and I look out the Window and saw a Black 87 T with beautiful Weld Wheels setting at the light.

Car looked real straight from 50 feet.

Who was it:confused:
Hell.. i started at 11 today.. spinal tap this coming tuesday to ease the pain

Umm that would be..... which manny's. off south west blvd? or state line?

Which welds? I guarantee i know the guy. Tons of turbo regals here in town. Lost count of them a few years ago, they seem to find me most of the time.

OK... Blues Hog last 10-12 minutes on pork... best ive ever had.

Chrome Bumper Car, I am working a farm show at Kemper and we were maybe 5 minutes from there at Manny's.
Dunno....... it wasnt Bob...... coulda been Charles......... maybe the new guy B? The guy that stopped by your house last week black 87 T, chrome bumpers burgandy interior......... cant remember his name.......:eek: