Blazer 2WD front brake conversion question



Finishing up my Blazer front brake conversion on the GN. For the people who did this conversion, did you use the Blazer hard brake line frame mount or did you use the G-body one? It looks like the g-body one should work, but I have Russell SS brake lines on the car and I don't want to kink one if the radiuses are too tight.

Thanks in advance!

I just did this and I used the GN ones with SS lines like u


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I used the s10 frame mount but I had stock lines.

FYI. The stock lines bolted right up. I just used a small pipe bender to line them up.

ALSO! Do not use the ball joints with the knerl. My friend and I used everytime at our disposal and they will not go in.

You have to use the ball joints with no knerl.

Good luck.

Good to know guys. I heard that some people used the G body brake hoses and some used S10 ones. Also, some used G-Body brake like brackets and some used the Blazer ones.

Hoping to get this buttoned up this weekend and get started on the back coil overs.

Working on my brakes again. Had a question about how you mounted SS lines.

How did you orient the SS line on caliper? I have line making a U and coming up from bottom. Is that the way u guys ran it or do you have line running from top down?

Seems tight with the SS lines.