blew headgaskets?


Apr 15, 2003
so i went to the track today.

ran good the first couple runs. then it went down hill. 2nd pass it started breaking up at the big end. changed the plugs for the next pass(all good!)

it started running hot, like 225 at the end of my pass.

then next pass, it seemed slugish but still full boost and no knock. also blew the coolant tank cap off!!

i got another cap, and mad another pass with no alky and low boost(16 psi). blew the cap off agian, also started breaking up agian.

now its hard to start, seems like its missing bad. but the oil isnt milk-shaked, and no oil is in the coolant.

anyone ever been down this road before?
ya think its the head gaskets?
what else could it be
Sounds like you might have lifted a head. I did the same thing earlier this year...same symptoms. Changed head gaskets and have had zero problems since.
thats exactly what im thinking is happening, but why would it do that and not contaminate the oil at all?

Because cylinder pressure is a lot more than radiator pressure.;) The gaskets can seal at low (rad) pressures but not high (cyl) pressures.

so in other words, i need to go to coppers!! :cool: hello high boost

necessarily. Maybe, get the car equipped with data recording equipt, and not continue to beat on it, once problems show up??
Felpro's and a good tune will go alot further, w/ fewer headaches, than "coppers"...
If you are leaking enough to blow the overflow cap off it might show up on a simple compression test, especially if it is now running rough. I lifted a head last year & blew one hole very slightly out of round (locwires) & got coolant overflow every pass, but the car still ran well & I still finished the season like this. Sounds like you have more damage than that.