Blinking Volts Light - Help!!


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Okay, this has been driving me nuts... My volts lights flashes on and off intermittently for a second or two, usually after hitting a bump, but not always. Sometimes it just flashes for the heck of it. It never seems to do it with the car at rest, and seems more frequent when the car is first started. I can't make it do it if I bang on the dash either. I have had a reputable guy rebuild the alternator (flickered before and after swap), I have a Casper's alternator field fix harness (flickered before and after swap), and replaced the alt plug with the brown sensing wire. I have taken the dash apart and wiggled/pulled/shook the wires leading to/from the volts light with the car running, and taken apart the gauges connector and cleaned and retensioned the contacts, and it still flashes on briefly. I have a genuine GNX dash in the car, so there is no PC board anymore. The volts light has a resistor wired across the light terminals, and a brown wire runs from one side of the bulb/resistor down to the molded female dash plug that connects to the factory male connector. That's the connector I split and cleaned. THe other end of the bulb has the pink/blk power wire. This stupid light is annoying!! What have I overlooked?? My scanmaster doesn't seem to show any voltage drop when the light flickers, and the Casper's harness is exciting the alternator I think, so it's charging. Why is that #$&@* light still coming on, LOL?? Any insights you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.
John A, Turbohh
Did you check your positive battery cable? Mine was routed to close to the headers and was shorting out on the block, same symptoms.