blow or suck through


Jun 13, 2007
i have an early 3.8 that i had in my dune buggy for the last year i am puting it in a new buggy and now it is time to go alittle faster.i have been running it with a 500cfm holley open headers and an weiand manifold other than that it is all stock.i now have 2 ihi rhb5 turbos that i am thinking of puting on this but first i need to rebuild these i am sure .there is no shaft play(none that i can feal) but on one a fin got dinged.

1. is a 500cfm gona work or do i need to go to a 650?

2.buid a hat for the intake or build a plenum for the carb

3.stock NA cam,crank and heads will it work

4.if you have any ideas or parts that may help let me know

Definately blow through. Suck through puts live fuel air mixture through the turbo and plumbing, have a sneeze and good bye turbo. It also suffers from fuel puddling issues and the turbos require special bearing seals to keep the gasoline out of the oil. Blow though is far better and there are lots of cars out there using it in either EFI or carbed varieties.