Blowing brake fuse


New Member
Oct 10, 2010
I have an 85 GN that is intercooled with aftermarket setup. 2 times now I have driven about 100 highway miles, only to find my brake light on after about 3 stops once I get off the highway, then after about 2 more stops the brakes stop working and I find that I have blown the 30 amp brake fuse. I was thinking about doing a vacuum conversion, but my intercooler pipe goes right over where the canister would fit. Is there a simple fix or test for this fuse blowing? Or should I try to reroute the intercooler pipe?
Sounds like a pressure switch or your motor windings are wet with brake fluid. How about trying hydroboost?
I could be wrong, but I thought some of the later 85's had PM systems. Like GM was sneaking in a few before they released it in 86. :)