Blue smoke out breathers


What is one of the most common problems that would cause a lot of smoke to come out both valve cover breathers? I tried a new PVC valve. The warmer it gets the more smoke, when I rev it up it pours out. Motor has less than 3000 miles on it.

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Broken ring, cracked piston, valve seal hammered by the retainer, poor cyl prep, excessive ring end gap, rings on wrong, blown head gasket....LOTS of places to look.
Leak down test is a start.
If you have antifreeze in it, I would recommend getting it out yesterday if not sooner until you verify it's not coolant burning.
I haven't had a chance to tear into it yet but my oil and antifreeze are completely clean. Also there is no smoke at all out the exhaust, only the breathers.

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I know it's been a while but I finally tore into it and it did end up being the head gasket blown in the number one cylinder, which was leaking into the intake.
Thank you everybody for all the advice

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