Body off

Dave Dunbar

Sep 10, 2012
I needed to get to the body mounts. The frame was in one piece but needed some attention at the mounting points.
The body warranted complete mounting point replacement. I'm focusing on the frame while I wonder how I'm going to tackle the body.
DAMMMMMMMMMM! your going to be busy.

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I've finally collected all the tools and parts to proceed..... let me say is not a GNX or a Grand National so I don't care about resale repairs are for function only. Starting from the rear foot well back, I've replaced the rear cross brace and all the sheet metal from there to the rear of the trunk.....where the trunk floor meets the wheel well. The welding is getting better as I go! I need to do the same on the right side.
Once that is done I will grind all the welds and seal it up with silicon, seam sealer and Tremclad paint.
I can't post photos because this site says they are to big from my phone.
What do I do?
I host my pix at and use a link to get them into the post.

I just got done cutting this one up to get a rolling chassis. I have some mounting points that might work for you but getting them to you could be a problem.
I can't post photos because this site says they are to big from my phone.
What do I do?
I was running into this issue also and at first couldn’t figure out how to change the photo size then remembered that if you email a photo it should allow you to select the size. So you could email the photo to yourself, select a smaller file size then open the email and re-save it which should then upload. I selected large instead of “actual” size and still seemed to work. Sort of a hassle but it’s the only work around that worked for me.