boost at the line

Russell Stover

New Member
Apr 30, 2003
How much boost should I be able to get up on the line with a stock converter. The reason I ask is I can barely get a wheel spin, and it's not because I have great tires. The car runs great and builds plenty of boost once its going.
My car would build boost with the stock converter very quick and way past what the brakes could hold. There was one point that I could not get it to build boost for anything! It was running way to rich on the bottom end.
An exhaust leak is another likely suspect.
with a stock converter and stock turbo i was able to get the boost up to 10 psi at launch...same thing with my TE-44, shouldn't have any problems spooling unless you have vacuum or exhaust leaks...
well I had vacuum leaks and now blms are down in the 130's fixed all we could find and everything seemed to go back together well with the turbo change out. Where would should I check exhaust leaks first on the headers?
check to see if your headers are sealed properly to the heads...also check the turbo to header flange on the pass side...check crossover connections also...when i took my passenger header off my car just recently (factory header, never been off before) there were black carbon streaks that were leaking off the side of one of the ports...exhaust leak number 1 for me...then i pulled the driver side poston header that i didn't use a gasket on (metal to metal) and all 3 ports had black carbon streaks leading elsewhere on the header rather than going into the tubes...exhaust leak area 2 for me...also pulled the turbo off the passenger header flange and i also used no gasket there...more black carbon streaks leading elsewhere...

so i have 3 areas of exhaust leaks that i never knew i just imagine if they were all sealed up properly! i would have been running low 11's on a factory motor...that's why i got of the hole so slow when i raced my car...i was PIG rich at takeoff...had to run 27 psi to get a decent time...then later i blew a headgasket! i guess everyone learns the hard way sometimes...:(

i tell you what...i will ALWAYS use a gasket at every connection from now on!
Try lowering your static fuel pressure a few PSI. Then, brake torque the car and see if it builds boost. If it does you may have too much fuel at the low end. If so, you may need to work with Red on the chip...