Boost control vac lines + old thread = attn gurus


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May 25, 2001
Before the big message board crash there was a thread describing the best method to route vacuum lines that control boost. In this thread, there was mention of using the factory boost solenoid in conjunction with running lines tuner style to prevent pressurizing the wastegate and prematurely bleeding boost. In other words, the thread said that if you ran your lines in the method described, your car would come up on boost much faster. On my car, I have an in car bleeder valve. I have a vacuum line running from the valve to the turbo compressor. Just before the turbo, I have an aftermarket "T" with a line running to the wastegate. The boost solenoid is not used in my system. (I have it on the car only to prevent a code) I'm not really having any problems, I'm just wondering if there's a better way. If anyone here remembers the old thread and knows how to run the lines to help prevent premturely pressurizing the wastegate, please chime in. TIA, Craig
Interesting question. Even though my setup is a little different (ATR external gate) this is something I've thought about too. I have my setup exactly like is pictured on

However, ATR does NOT recomment feeding the line back to the top of the wastegate (what everyone does). I haven't tried running the car without the return line, but I am interested. Anyone have comments on this? How about experimenting with different line/hose dimensions?

thinking about running this valve...

not sure if it will work with the regulator inside the car???