Boost Control


Go on red!
May 7, 2002
I've had various boost control setups, stock with the adjustable wastegate rod, ATR manual boost controller, RJC manual boost controller, ATR External gate, and the Bstc electric boost controller for stock solenoid. For a stock style puck wastegate (goal of 9's someday), is the AMS1000 overkill? I'm so tired of boost spike, creep, and having to guess a setup and then run to see what the boost will be.

I want a digital pad (if I could do it all wirelessly from my iPad that would be perfect- think if you had multiple cars and one iPad to interface with each of their onboard systems) I want to enter in the target boost easily and the car will run that boost. What would be awesome if to hold a button to trigger desired launch boost- the boost will go up and stop so that I can do a easy foot brake launch without having to let off the gas some when I reach the max boost I want to launch at. Maybe this exists and I just don't know about it? It would be cool to see a visual 1/4 mile run by rpm/speed/boost and just plug in the desired boost and the controller could do that if you told it when to start the run.
I think im going to have to go with an ATR external dp and a tial to get rid of my boost creep :rolleyes: