boost controller ?'s

3.8L V-8 eater

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Jul 22, 2006
Just bought an 87' limited from the board and the car has an MSBC1 boost controller.

Can anybody tell me how this thing works??? Are they more off a hassle to use or not that bad????

This car will be driven mostly on the street and will see the track for fun on ocassion... All i know is it can be used to set boost at the shifts and on the launch. Any input or info will be helpful :smile:

well you don't have to spend $700 for progressive adjustable boost control lol but hey if your buying get me one too haha.

apexi avcr, used $250ish. programmable (not "stages") boost per 100 rpm, and or boost per gear. yes and or, you can use booth! take the extra $500 and get some slicks n fuel!
Hi, John

If you could find the pdf with the instructions that would be sweet!!!

I looked on my lap top at home and did not find it.
Let me try on my work until on Monday, it should be there.
Cotton could probably hook you up if I can't.
If no one can come up with a PDF file for you, I have a printed manual that I could copy and mail to you, as a last resort. I might possibly have a PDF file on my business computer ????