Boost Problems


Nov 10, 2007
I am having some boost problems with my car. I can't get the boost to come down. The car has a turbo tweak chip, RJC boost controller, TA49 (Garret Housing) turbo, THDP, ATR exhaust.

The puck in the down pipe moves freely. I installed the rjc controller per instructions. I have it about as long as I dare go and its still 18lbs of boost. This is the actuator on it.


In an online search I have found post referring to this as both a standard and a HD actuator, but I think its a standard. I ordered a new standard actuator. This what I got.


I installed it and the boost really went high. From what I have found online this is a HD actuator. I tried to email where I bought it from to verify, but its been a week without response. See PL file.

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I was putting the car away for winter today and I remembered people talking about setting it up "tuner style". I put the original actuator back on the car. I adjusted the rod to I had to pull it about 1/8" to go on the down pipe. I went out to test it. I really should have just washed it and put it away. I went to make a pass and it got up to 16lbs of boost. I had to back out of it because smoke was rolling out from under the car. My tranny was spewing tranny fluid all over the place.

I had to call a rollback to come get the car and drop it off at the tranny shop. I am lucky my buddy hauled it for me on sunday for fuel money. That being said; what should I be looking at next? Do I need to enlarge the wastegate hole on the turbo? Right now I am really fed up with it. Here is a log of the run. Ironically I want to run 16lbs of boost, but it seems like something is wrong for me to be getting 16lbs set up this way.

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#1011-144 = looks like you have just purchased a Heavy Duty or HIGH BOOST actuator.
This is good for 18+ pounds of boost (at the least tension). Add another 7 or 8 pounds when using it in conjunction with your RJC Boost Controler Valve and you will have approximately 25-26 pounds of boost at your minimum setting .

#1011-573 = stock boost levels (approx 12 pounds +).

Not sure what your first waste gate actuator is? but if you've got 18 pounds at minimim, would agree it's probably a HD unit.
I think the first one is the standard wastegate. Put it on with just a slight tug. Make sure all of the lines are good and don't have any rips or tears. Porting the hole on a 49 is not too common but it a Buick so anything is possible. Don't get pissed with the car. Winter is near. Put it away in good condition(headgaskets in place).