Boost w/ MSD 50's and hot wired 307

It really depends upon how well the heads flow.....the 50#s may start running lean around 26#? I think you get caught between volume and pressure on these kinda questions so the answer is an "It depends"
I've been up to 24-25 psi with room to grow ( I think:confused: ).
We will see in bowling green I paln on bumping it up if the track will let me.
29 lbs...6 consecutive runs. Stock block, stock untouched heads. FP set at static 38# with 101 unleaded 33% alc/water mix. DS showed 4º of retard in the 1/2 shift only and 0º throughout the run. The car weighed in at 3701# with me in it and I had one pass that was 119 mph.

Kev :)