BoostedRPS A+


Mr. Fix It
So, on my search to replace my antiquated turbo I did a lot of research and contacted some vendors. I came to the conclusion that my combination would need something in the 6466-6766 range of turbo. One of the vendors that I hit up was BoostedRPS. I knew nothing about the company other than that they were a new vendor in the Buick community. I thought to myself, do I take a chance and give these guys a call, or do I stick to what I know and go with one of the other vendors I have used successfully in the past. So I call, and this hyper ass guy named Tyler answered the phone. We started talking about my combination and he suggested a few turbos from Work turbo. I know of Work because I know of Reed Partridge but have not seen too many Buicks run his turbos. So, Tyler keeps on talking and talking about turbos, suspension, weight lifting, and so on. After lots of discussions back and forth on my combination, he suggested a Garrett GTW6465R or GTW6765R would be a great fit for my combination since I was after a ball bearing Turbo. Before we confirmed the deal, he contacted Reed and gave him specifics of my car. Reed concluded that the GTW6465R would fit my combination better than the GTW6765R and would still move enough air to be capable of 9sec power. After he consulted with Reed, we locked in the price on the Turbo, oil lines, oil filter, water lines, and actuator. The price he gave me for everything shipped was AMAZING compared to other vendors for an equivalent combination of parts. After that is was waiting time. When the turbo came in, all was sent as advertised other than the actuator was being sent separately. A few days later, the actuator came in and I installed the turbo. I have been extremely happy with the product, support, and customer service provided by BoostedRPS specifically Tyler Clark. I highly recommend them as a vendor to anyone looking to buy any of the great products they offer.

Now, on to my opinion (not that anyone cares) on Tyler specifically.

Tyler Tyler Tyler, what can I say? Let me start by saying that in my opinion, he is misunderstood A LOT of the times and I can attribute that to his approach. We have had many conversations on the phone and I can tell you that he is extremely passionate about Turbo Buicks and the Turbo Buick community. I feel that that passion sometimes, check that, a lot of the times translates into internet posts that come out off harsh to say the least. But me knowing what I know of Tyler, I can see what he is trying to explain, but I can also see how others can completely misunderstand his point because the emotion in his posts kind of take over and all people see is a complaining young California kid that’s pissed off about something. I have mentioned to Tyler many times that he needs to let things “marinate” (sit on it for a while) before getting all worked up on the keyboard and posting something that should be approached without emotions attached. Unfortunately, he has made many of these posts based on his emotions at the moment that have painted, in my opinion, an inaccurate picture of who Tyler really is and what he represents. No one but himself is to blame for this and hopefully people will eventually get to actually meet and talk to Tyler to get the real picture. Due to his past posts, rants, or whatever you want to call it, it seems like Tyler has backed himself in a corner as a Vendor and BoostedRPS is not getting the fair shake they deserve as a great company offering great products. I am not here as a cheerleader for Tyler. I am not a BoostedRPS “Fan Boy”. I am just giving my opinion and my point of view as in to what has been happening with Tyler as a new vendor. At the end of the day, I know that Tyler really does mean well, and Tyler really does care about the Buick community. However, it is up to Tyler to approach things differently in order to succeed as a vendor and for people to see who he really is and not base their thoughts on him on all the past posts based on emotions he has made. Hopefully time will show that Tyler means well and that BoostedRPS is great vendor with great products for the Buick community. I will continue to do business with BoostedRPS along with all other vendors in the community. I am not a “side” picker, and I could give a shit if anyone even cares. Tyler and BoostedRPS are good in my book.