Bosch Green Top 42# Injectors Red's 93 Chip


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Apr 3, 2007
Bosch "Green Top" 42# Injectors (0280150558) and a Red's 93 Chip for sale. These came out of my GN since I upgraded my injectors and chip.

The Bosch injectors were working great when I took them out. They can use a little cleaning with parts cleaner. The o-rings look to be in great shape.

The chip I was told was a Red's 93 chip, but when I removed it, it says "Lou's Auto". :confused: I'm not sure if it's a Red's chip or a Lou's Auto chip. Whatever the case, this chip worked great with my injectors.

Maybe Lou from Lou's Auto can chime in and give us some specifics about this particular chip.

I'll take $120 for both the injectors and chip with shipping included.

PM me if interested.