Bought: $700


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Apr 30, 2003
I just read a story about somebody in my local car blub though bought this:

1980 celica for 700 bucks. The guy was going to do a Grand National engine in it. Has the grand national rear end, Boyd Coddington knock off wheels with mickey thompson tires. The engine comes with the car, just not in it. We just finished bolting up the engine up and he is in the process of putting in the drive shaft. 6cyl Turbo american muscle in 2300 pounds of old skool import...

Is this a common swap?
I offered my 1995 Ford Probe GT as trade (non runnign though)...hopefulyl he bites considering it is a Ford Probe CLub.. :confused: What would be a good offer on this car to make (if he will sell)?

-jake :cool:
No offense here, but if you cannot afford the $700 to buy the car - you CANNOT afford to finish it. The little touches (wiring, tuning, shift linkage, gauge hookups, radiator, fan, exhaust, etc will be MUCH more then $700.

Any swap is expensive - much more then the end result is worth anyway in most cases.

I would bet he ran into a major stumbling block of some sort and just wants out.

Also, I bet its not an 86-87 engine setup. If I had to bet, its a carbed Buick v6 - people call ANY Buick v6 with 231CI a "Grand National" engine IME.....

Good luck!
I could affrod $700 lol, but why pay $ for it if I can get rid of something I am not currently using (95 Probe). :confused: I am curious now what the engine in as well...but a quote from the kid whop bought it's friend says this: "6cyl Turbo american muscle in 2300 pounds of old skool import...this car will be making its apperance in springfield around the same time as the first 2nd gen turbo in SW missouri does. So come on down to see 2 bad ass cars kick some!"

:eek: I want it more than I want my Probe GT (auto-x car)....

It also has Mickey Thompson's... :cool:
Never pay more for a project car than you can get if you sell it for parts.

If it is a TRUE (86-87) TR engine and trans, it's worth the 700 (as long as they aren't total junk)