bought "new" WH-1 still sorting -


Jul 17, 2004
Greeting Bob,
This past summer, I bought a 9174 mile WH 1 with so many race goodies the owner couldn't sort out why it was idling and part throttle running on 5 cylinders ( inj, wire loose ). It had many mods done in '98. TE 52, 009, PTE FMIC, Prec. Ind. convertor, BsT controller, scanmaster Translator plus 5.0, extender chip , ATR dual fuel pumps.
BLM readings vary : either 106, or 156 by moving base fuel one click. :confused:
INT stays at 128 very steady
IAC is 16 in neutral; 22 in gear. 3000 convertor doesn't load engine ?
BsT controller is "on" with dial turned back all the way yielding 18.5#boost
Chip says BWJ 54 AOC 009 98 oct
Translator is set at 1 " on" adjustments are in neutral except spark at " E "
2 on
3 off
4 off
My question is should I try resetting ECM by disconnecting orange power lead and try resetting the BLMs parameter 11? I wonder if my parts are too old a version to do this? I just got the extender portion of manual yesterday .
Did you know a Gerry Whittemore at Tech center ? Old buddy. I live by Lakeside Mall. Car is in storage for winter.
I drive the car on the street only so far. Do I need a whole new chip to get things right? I would like to zing it at the track at HIGH boost once this year . Many thanks ! Gary