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Aug 31, 2007
I was wonder if any body has a bov on their GN I wanting to put on my turboxs RFL BOV, but I'm not sure in the steeps.
I run a TiAL. Just welded the flange on the uppipe and connected the vac line to the manifold. Nothing more. Works great and sounds nice too. Although IMO I'm not so sure that turboxs one will sound good (again, my opinion)...might make you sound like an import... :) The TiAL has a deeper woosh sound, where alot of others are almost a whistle. I don't remember exaclty how that one sounds as just about everyone I know that needs a BOV runs a TiAL, except for those stock DSM kiddies...
Well the turbo xs is a copy cat of the tial and the rs, its kind of a catdog thing. I thought it was that simple, but I was not for sure. I had it for my turbo cavalier.
Yep, just make sure the flange you have is the same metal as what ever pipe you put it on... Stock up-pipe is mild steel, where most aftermarket piping is aluminum.
I have a old HKS Pro on the 86 and none on the 87.
Had the Blitz SSBOV on my R32 Skyline with great results
I love my Tial. Dont have one on the Buick But got one on my Turbo GSXR
I have a knock-off HKS SSQV and like it. The sound is kinda dorky/importish but I've gotten used to it.
Yep, just make sure the flange you have is the same metal as what ever pipe you put it on... Stock up-pipe is mild steel, where most aftermarket piping is aluminum.

So what do you do if you have an aluminum up-pipe? Do they make aluminum flanges?

I'm thinking of getting a BOV for my car. The ball-bearing turbo spins ALL the time so it snorts every time I let off the gas. I just worry about the fact that I have my MAF in the up-pipe. Putting a BOV on might upset it?

Reviving an old thread because I have actual data to share.

If you occasionally peruse the autocross subforum, you'll probably know I'm about the only guy in the country autocrossing my Grand National right now. I've been knocking out weaknesses in the car one at a time for the past 18 months or so, and I've made immense progress.

So much so that I finally got to the point where I thought I needed a blow off valve. Throttle control in autocross is extremely important. Stuff happens really quickly, and having a laggy motor costs you badly. It was always difficult to correct the car when the back stepped out, and the lag in slaloms when I had to lift was annoying.

So, I put a Tial 50mm recirculating valve on the car.

Below is a data log from the Wilmington Champ tour a few weeks ago. This was pre-BOV. You can where the arrows are pointing there was lag between throttle input and the boost coming up after a throttle-close event.


Here's today, an event with the BOV installed that happened to have a couple offsets and slaloms that had me coming all the way out of the throttle and going right back in.


It's pretty clear, the lag is gone. The car is super responsive now. In fact, I over drove a corner today and ended up in a four wheel drift that I was able to modulate and get out of without looping the car. I've never had enough throttle sensitivity in this car to control a drift. It always spun or just got really out of shape. I have the kind of control to handle something like that now.

So there it is. A recirculating blow off valve works with these cars.
If you're running a speed density system, you can get one that vents to atmosphere. If you're still running a MAF, use a recirculating one.