Brackets for a factory GN Radio


Sep 8, 2010
I am looking for the metal factory brackets that holds the radio in place. These are the brackets that go on both sides of the radio. Please let me know what you have and how much. Thanks, Jeff
I think the p/n is 25516210 for those. Should be able to still get them from a dealer. Checked price a while back and they were in the $2 to $3 range ea.
I have a pair of them in my box.

Please PM me your mailing address and i will ship them out to you. I will use regular post, so they may take a while (i'm in canada) but you will get them.

what do these brackets look like? and what is the part number ? i looked up the p/n given but no results
im sure jeff has got himself a set so if anyone outthere has a set to offer let me know price shipped to 92805 thanx
i am off fishing until laste friday night, i will post a photo of them for you guys once i am back. I need to dig them out.

Is anyone going to Bowling green this week. I can meet them there if they would like.

Yeah, that is the correct p/n. I just checked. You could get those for 2 - 3 dollars a while back. Now list is like $20. Shows over 150 remaining in stock. I'm sure they can be had from other places. The kit I got when I bought my Pioneer a few years ago had nice metal brackets with it that looked real close to the originals.
are these the brackets you need?


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i will sell these no problem. I unfortunetly forgot them at home and now i am in transit for Bowling Green, so it will have to wait until next Monday until i ship it out.