Braking parts, etc off of an IROC Z

turbo nasty

Turbo Dojo / MNTR
Jul 19, 2001
Tried in the susp forum with nil results.

I have access to a IROC Z camaro free for parts. I will get the front swaybar and mounts for sure.

Now is there any other parts off of it that will work on our cars ??

Thanx and happy turkey day
I assume since you said IROC it is a 3rd gen? Parts than can be used on a G-Body.
Front lower control arms
rear lower control arms
Rear drum brakes(4 wheel disc will not work)
Front brake rotors and calipers
Steering gearbox
Inner and outer tie rods and sleeves
Front sway bar
Aluminum radiator(no provision for TR engine oil cooler)
Front coil springs
Rear coil springs
power seat track

This is just a short list of the bolt-ons

Eric Fisher