My favorite provider to date is LiquidWeb - top notch support and always up. We use them for an actual box, not shared with other servers.
I have a lot of pictures and most of the old avatars. I dont know exactly how much I have but its a pretty good amount. I believe its in the old board format so its going to take someone who migrates this stuff all the time to reintegrate them but all that data is in the hands of our new hoster and thats what he does. Im hopeful most of it can be recovered.

My access for years has been spotty at best. Credentials that didnt work and then magically started working again. In my travels of dealing with this stuff, I ran across another forum owner that fell victim to the "fire" and lost everything. Literally they had to start over from scratch.

Its going to take a little time to iron out a few kinks but rest assured, we're headed in the right direction.
Just want to thank you for all of your efforts!!!! Really looking forward to things to come!!! GREAT JOB!!!!
Hi Shane & Jay, THANK YOU - WOW - this is incredible news! Thank you for all your continued hard work and support to keep this incredible board and resource running. It will be like Christmas if some or all of the pictures come back again! :) Just my 2 cent's and I can only imagine the costs taken on by Shane to keep this forum running for everyone - I have paypal ready to go to pay a membership fee to belong to this great forum. Thank you again for all your incredible hard work and keeping this board alive and well.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! We appreciate all you do for us.
I dont know how many pictures I have or that they can be reintegrated but I know I have a lot. I think there are over 200,000 pictures, avatars, etc. I know I dont have them all but I have a lot. Just waiting on getting the move finalized (Search will be fixed then) and then Im going to work with our new hoster to see if we can reintegrate.
Thank you, all those old posts/pics are like gold when working on these antiques, glad the site under good hands that care.

Funny how when I'm surfing the web thinking I'll find a new better way to live I always end up back here at my internet home lol, so ya a big thanks to all involved
Thank you guys so much for all the hard work! Nicely done! [emoji16]

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Really glad to hear this. I honestly don't know what I would do without this and you guys.