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Mar 1, 2005
Guys, I will be making a more detailed post in the days or weeks to come, BUT essentially we have RESCUED from almost being lost forever.... We have basically been held hostage by the guy that was supposed to be hosting and doing our backend work. He had basically locked Jay out of the backend and kept bouncing the board around from host to host. You remember the "fire" a few months back where we lost everything? I think he was bald face lying but we can't prove it. Fast forward to yesterday, we finally were able to get a good copy of the board and get it moved to a brand new hosting facility and basically had to do a secret operation to get the board back FULLY in our control. We have a large cache of data that we hope we can get reloaded to bring back many of the pics that were lost in the crash. Mike E is gone and thank God Jay was able to find someone to help save the board. If you guys remember it went down again the other morning, I really thought we had lost the board forever. I still have not been able to get up with Mike. He has ghosted the world again. He has been ran out of the Xenforo community for doing others the same. WE ARE FINALLY FREE THOUGH and SAFE! This is why the changes we were discussing over the last few years never got implemented,so big things to come.......
Thank you for the great work and your diligence and commitment to this community! Still in favor of subscriptions to help support the forum and admins as yourself to keep it out of the hands of vultures in the future.
Good Job Shane . Getting many of the pictures back would be great , lots of info lost with those gone !
Great job guys was worried ,I have learned a lot from the forum and pictures
First time posting
Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to what we do and to the cae

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Good deal, glad you guys got it back....hopefully you can recover all the old threads and info!
Outstanding. I've been sending Mike E messages all year with no replies.
All my tech and product threads got wiped of all pictures. Many of them I no longer have the pictures.

This is HUGE!

Thanks for all the hard work on this Shane.

Mike Barnard
Spoolfool Productions
Awesome to hear. I don't say alot on here but i use for technical data and find parts even sell some sometimes. Glad to see it is saved